Occurrence of cases of borreliosis certified as an occupational disease in the province of Wielkopolska (Poland).

Bartosz Bilski 1
1 - Department of Preventive Medicine, University of Medical Sciences, ul. Smoluchowskiego 11, 60-179 Poznan, Poland. bilski@ump.edu.pl
Ann Agric Environ Med
2009; 16 (2):
ICID: 983136
The aim of the study was to analyze the occurrence of cases of borreliosis to classify as an occupational disease in the province [voivodeship] of Wielkopolska in the years 2000-2007. The data as a basis for this analysis originated from the database on the occupational disease certification created by the Public Health Service in Poznan. Documentation from the years 2000-2007 reviewed. The maximum number of the cases of borreliosis in the territory of Wielkopolska certified as the occupational disease fell in the years 2002-2003. In the territory of Wielkopolska, borreliosis as an occupational disease has been significantly more often certified in men. The population at the age of 41-60 prevailed in that case. The districts with the biggest number of certificed cases of borreliosis as an occupational disease include the following: Miedzychod, Poznan, Czarnkow-Trzcianka, Gostyn, Jarocin, Leszno and Krotoszyn. Further analyses concerning real exposure to infection with spirochaetes Borrelia burgdorferi and its effects in the population of the workers of forestry and agriculture in the territory of Wielkopolska is recommended. It should be suspected that the epidemiologic data concerning the cases of borreliosis in the occupational conditions are understated.
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