Serum lipid profile and metabolic syndrome occurrence among obese rural women from Lublin Region (Eastern Poland)

Ann Agric Environ Med
2006; 13 (1):
ICID: 468172
Article type: Original article
Obesity is a multivariate syndrome which can negatively affect whole body functioning. It is most common in highly developed countries, and in recent years a progressive increase in obesity occurrence is noticeable. The aim of the study was to assess serum lipid profile and metabolic syndrome occurrence among obese rural women from Lublin Region in Eastern Poland. The study was conducted in the Institute of Agricultural Medicine in Lublin (IAM). All subjects had a negative history of diseases and treatment that could affect serum lipid profile or glucose measurements. The inclusion criterion for the study group was overweight and obesity, defined as a body mass index above 25 (BMI>25) and living in a rural area. 44 women participated in the study. There were no women fulfilling the criteria or who had a history of incorrect fasting glucose (IFG) or incorrect glucose tolerance (IGT). In contrast, the prevalence of arterial hypertension (or treatment) was high - 53%. 22.7% women had normal serum TC values. The proportion of those with hyper-LDL-C was 38.6% and with hyper-TG - 18.2%. 20.5% of studied women had incorrect serum HDL-C levels, and in 15.9% hypo- HDL-C was accompanied by high serum TC levels. Analysis of correlation showed that serum TC was positively correlated with both LDL- and HDL-C. 55% of the studied obese or overweight women had at least 2 additional components of the metabolic syndrome.
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