High-resolution computed tomography in hypersensitivity pneumonitis - correlationwith pulmonary function.

Dariusz Ziora 1, Dariusz Jastrzebski 2, Maria Lubina 2, Agnieszka Wojdała 2, Jerzy Kozielski 2
1 - Department of Pneumonology of the Silesian Medical Acatemy, Zabrze, Poland.ftpulmza@infomed.slam.katowice.pl
2 -
Ann Agric Environ Med
2005; 12 (1):
ICID: 420261
In 20 patients with chronic form of hypersensitivity pneumonitis (HP) pulmonaryfunction tests (FEV(1), FVC, DCO) and high resolution computed tomography (HRCT) scans were obtained.Extent of pathological changes, i.e. nodularity, lines, honeycombing but not ground-glass estimated byHRCT and expressed as a score correlated significantly with lung function abnormalities.
PMID 16028863 - click here to show this article in PubMed

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