Evaluation of annual exposure to noise among private farmers on selected familyfarms of animal production profile.

Leszek Solecki 1
1 - Department of Physical Occupational Hazards, Institute of Agricultural Medicine,Lublin, Poland. solecki@galen.imw.lublin.pl
Ann Agric Environ Med
2005; 12 (1):
ICID: 420255
The aim of the study was the recognition and evaluation of annual exposureto noise among private farmers on family farms of animal production profile. The study covered 16 familyfarms using arable land of the size of 14-50 ha (25.8 ha on average), equipped with agricultural tractors(working with a set of agricultural machines), machines for the production of fodder, workshop machinesand woodworking saws. Based on the precise working time schedules concerning agricultural activitiesand dosimetric measurements conducted during the whole year, two acoustic parameters were determined:total exposure in individual months and equivalent daily exposure. The study showed that the highestvalues of the total monthly exposure to noise occurred in two summer-autumn months (August, October)and during four winter-spring months (January, March, and May, June). High values of the total exposureobserved in the summer-autumn season result from the performance of intensive field and transport workactivities, with prolonged duration of work and a large number of workdays in these months. The occurrenceof high total values of the total exposure in winter-spring months, however, is associated with loggingwood for winter (saws) and intensive repair work activities. In the seasons of the year analysed, highvalues of equivalent daily exposure were obtained, within the range: 4.20-4.86 Pa(2) x h. The averagevalue of this parameter for the whole year reached the value: 3.61 Pa(2) x h (standard exceeded 3.6 times).This value is equivalent to the mean level of exposure to noise equal to 90.5 dB. In consideration ofthe moderate accuracy of mean values obtained and small degree of variability of the results, the dataacquired in this study may be used in practice by proper State services for the evaluation of noise riskamong private farmers specializing in animal production.
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