Prevalence of asthma and some respiratory symptoms in the years 1995 and 2001in schoolchildren from rural regions of Poland.

Małgorzata Bartkowiak-Emeryk 1, Jacek Postepski 1, Ewa Chojna 1, Andrzej Emeryk 2
1 -
2 - Department of Pulmonology and Rheumatology, University Children Hospital inLublin, ul. W. Chodzki 2, 20-093 Lublin, Poland.
Ann Agric Environ Med
2004; 11 (1):
ICID: 142687
Article type: Original article
The aim of our study was to estimate the prevalence of asthma and somerespiratory symptoms and diseases in schoolchildren from rural regions of Poland in 2001 and to comparethese data with previous estimations in 1995. Repeated cross-sectional epidemiological studies were performedamong 594 primary schoolchildren in 1995 and 541 in 2001 using the same standardized questionnaire. Lifetimeprevalence of "doctor's-diagnosed asthma" increased significantly from 3.4 % in 1995 to 9.6 % in 2001.This trend may be due to the real increase in the prevalence of asthma and also may be a result of betterphysician's diagnosis and/or better parents' health education. A substantial increase of asthma-relatedsymptoms (post-exercise breathlessness, wheezing and dyspnoea) was also observed between these years(8.3-17.7 %, 6.2-13.2 % and 7.6-13.3 %, respectively). These results suggest that asthma in Polish schoolchildrenis still underdiagnosed.
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