Injuries treated in hospital among urban and rural inhabitants of eastern Poland

Marek Kos 1, Bartłomiej Drop 2, Agnieszka Dziewa 1, Marian Jędrych 3
1 - Independent Public Health Care Unit in Kraśnik
2 - Medical University of Lublin, II Faculty of Medicine with the English Division, Department of Public Health, Poland
3 - Department of Mathematics and Biostatistics, Medical University, Lublin
Ann Agric Environ Med

ICID: 1232552
Article type: Original article
  Introduction and objective. Injuries are a serious medical and social problem, especially when accompanied by distant or deferred effects, often causing serious dysfunctions and permanent disability for life. The study aimed at presenting the incidence of injuries of urban and rural population treated in a district hospital in eastern Poland. Material and Methods. The study was carried out in the Independent Public Health Care Institution in Kraśnik in 2011 among patients hospitalized in the Department of Trauma Surgery and Orthopedic Unit who sustained injuries. Medical records of 795 patients – 326 women and 469 men, aged 10–99 years, were analyzed.
Results. During the period considered among those hospitalized due to injuries, men (59%), those aged 50–59 years (19.0%), and living in rural areas (72.7%) predominated. Injuries most commonly affected the head (18.87%), elbow and forearm (16.86%), knee and lower leg (16.60%), and the hip and thigh (13.96%). Average hospital stay was 5.65 days and was the longest for hip and thigh injuries (11.86 days).
Conclusions. Injuries occurred most frequently in the population of patients living in rural areas, often among men, usually on weekdays and in the morning
DOI: 10.5604/12321966.1232552    

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