Pain symptoms of the spine and work ergonomics of people in south-eastern Poland

Grzegorz Przysada 1, Justyna Leszczak 1, Ewelina Czenczek-Lewandowska 1, Justyna Podgórska-Bednarz 1, Justyna Rykała 1, Joanna Glista 1, Aneta Weres 1, Mariusz Drużbicki 1, Barbara Michalak 1, Artur Mazur 2
1 - Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Physiotherapy, University of Rzeszow, Poland
2 - Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Nursing and Health Sciences, University of Rzeszow, Poland
Ann Agric Environ Med
2013; 0 (1):
ICID: 1101594
Article type: Original article
Introduction. Pain disorders of the spine are the most common causes of appointments with physiotherapists. It has been estimated that nine out of ten adults at least once in their lifetime experience spine pains and five out of ten working people have this kind of ailments a minimum once a year.
Objective. The evaluation of the occurrence of spine pains in people who are professionally active with regards to obeying the rules of work ergonomics.
Material and methods. The research group has been composed of 100 people professionally active from south-eastern Poland. Their ages have been from 20 to 50 years (average age has been 35 years). In the research the authors’ own survey and VAS scale have been used on which the surveyed person has marked the intensity of pain experience in the area of the spine.
Results. Greater pain in the spine has been experienced by people who have never obeyed the rules of, among others, manual lifting and/or carrying the maximum load, lifting and carrying heavy objects, in their work. The lowest degree of pain has been experienced by those who obeyed the above-mentioned rules.
Conclusions. Assuming the incorrect body posture during the everyday activities and disobeying the rules of ergonomics resulting from lack of knowledge are crucial factors in the occurrence of spine pains. People who disobey rules of ergonomics experienced spine pain to a higher degree.
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