The monitoring of mineral elements content in fruit purchased in supermarkets and food markets from Timisoara, Romania

Heghedűş-Mîndru Ramona Cristina 1, Heghedűş-Mîndru Gabriel 1, Negera Petru 2, Şumălan Radu 1, Negrea Adina 2, Ştef Ducu 1
1 - Banat’s University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Timisoara – Romania
2 - Polytechnic University of Timisoara – Romania
Ann Agric Environ Med
2014; 21 (1):
ICID: 1095372
Article type: Original article
This study aimed at evaluating various fruit samples using atomic absorption spectrometry method, the content in mineral elements, macroelements (Na, K, Ca, Mg) and microelements (Cr, Cu, Mn, Fe, Cd , Pb, Zn, Co and Ni). Fruit samples were taken from supermarkets (imported products) and agricultural markets (domestic products) in the city of Timisoara, Romania. The results obtained by chemical analysis were evaluated statistically based on method of main components analyzed. Major influence in the group had evidence if macroelements potassium and sodium, iron and manganese where microelements. The results were compared with results obtained by other researchers in the world. The results fall within the legal limits set by law.
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